All pork primals are locally sourced and butchered on site by our team of skilled butchers.
All pork and cured primals can be trimmed and packed to individual customer requirements.
Cured primals are cured using the traditional tank curing technique.



Fred C Robinson only use fresh chilled pork shoulder, pork belly and white pork fat in our sausages. We do not use, offal, rind, mechanically recovered meat, de-sinewed meat, head meat, neck meat or any frozen meat.
We produce sausages in a variety of sizes and meat contents, either linked or individually cut and packed in retail or bulk packs. Sausages can be labelled under the Robinsons brand or own Brand according to customer requirements and can be distributed either chilled or frozen.

Cooked Ham

The entire range of cooked hams is produced from pork legs butchered on site and cured using traditional curing methods.
Hams are produced with meat contents ranging from 100% down to whatever the customer requires.
We also produce a range of Black and White puddings in either stick or chubb size..

Portion Control

Fred C Robinson produces a range of pork products packed in a modified atmosphere either retail packed or portion controlled for the foodservice market either price point or portion size specific.

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